Data is the lifeblood of your business. The more information your company produces, the harder it is to store data for long-term retention, and due to ever changing technology and resource availability, organisations are impacted by the costs of maintaining and operating legacy tape software and hardware. The ability to retrieve and recover data quickly is paramount for success when facing business events like migrating to a new technology like the Cloud, or responding to a compliance audit or eDiscovery requests.

Iron Mountain provides a technology one stop shop for Data Recovery, Restoration, Storage and Migration Services. We support your compliance requirements for safeguarding sensitive data and give you the ability to retrieve your data quickly and securely at a predictable cost.

How does it work?

With Iron Mountain, you can have the confidence of rising to the challenge of difficult data recovery and restoration requirements. Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud or other new technology platforms or simply change backup applications in your tape environment, the Data Restoration and Recovery program ensures that your tapes and other media types can be restored properly without having to maintain legacy equipment — all the while in strict adherence to Iron Mountain’s chain-of-custody guidelines.

Iron Mountain offers a monthly subscription-based managed service where you send backup media to Iron Mountain based on your preferred rotation schedule and request data restoration on-demand, whenever needed. Project-based data restoration services are also available.

What if you could….

  • Reduce the cost of backup tape and various media storage operations by retiring your legacy backup system
  • Reduce your data storage footprint and remove redundant, incompatible systems
  • Have a record of the data you have on your backup tapes or legacy media device
  • Migrate and reformat your data when transferring to the Cloud
  • Transfer data internationally without compromising the security of the information
  • Outsource the management of your tape and media catalogue to an industry leading expert
  • Recover the data you need, when you need it at a predictable cost

What you gain….

  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs spent on legacy systems
  • Predictable cost and performance of restoration initiatives based on fixed unit price and pre-agreed service level agreement
  • Ability to quantify your savings
  • Fully managed validation, hosting and searching on your legacy tape and media catalogues
  • Proprietary techniques built and adapted to restore and extract data more efficiently
  • Auditable project management and service delivery processes

Trust in the leader of data restoration and recovery services, call 1300 IRON MTN (1300 476 668) today.