Whether it is a security threat like ransomware, a natural disaster or even human error, your business can’t afford to be down. Stay one step ahead of potential disasters – online or offline, onsite or offsite, Iron Mountain can tailor a solution to fit your business.

Iron Mountain Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution enables you to quickly and easily recover business critical information in a matter of minutes, with guaranteed SLAs, keeping the organisation up and running and employees productive. Reduce downtime costs by putting your critical data in the hands of a trusted offsite data storage company with proven resources, technology and experience.

How does it work?

For data that is rarely used, and does not require urgent retrieval, offsite tape storage provides a practical solution for protecting business data off-site, offline and out of reach. And when you do need it, our 24/7 emergency response, along with proven best practices, means you know exactly where your data is and how quickly it can be retrieved. With threats like ransomware, storing your media and physical data never fails.

Our cloud data backup service allows you to recover mission critical data within minutes of a disaster regardless of infrastructure. You can continue to operate systems even as you recover from an outage. Iron Mountain’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Service is a secure automatic sync system that takes complete backups of all your files. Simply restore to a backup file from prior to a disaster or ransomware attack and get back to business.

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Get back up and running

Reduce downtime by moving tapes offsite into the care of a trusted provider with proven resources, technology and experience. Have the option of storing your data in our vaults or backup to the cloud with Iron Mountain’s disaster recovery solution.

Know you’re protected

With Iron Mountain; your information will be protected by the most robust security processes in the industry. Be confident when disaster strikes that you can retrieve your critical data back.

Access it when you need it

Our 24/7 emergency response ensures that you can access your data you need when you need it. We follow proven best practices so you’ll know exactly where everything is located. You have the option to store your media offsite within our secure vaults and backup your data in our secure cloud environment. Choose a customised solution for your business.


Iron Mountain has over 60 years experience in information management, trusted by over 140,000 organisations around the world. We work with organisations of all sizes and industries to streamline their data management and recovery processes whilst assisting with local legislative and industry compliance, saving time, money and mitigating potential reputational damage in the event of a breach or emergency.
Iron Mountain has invested significant resources in order to provide highly secure storage vaults and off-site storage processes. From climate controlled transportation, fire proof and environment controlled facilities, national Police checked employees, leading technology and stringent processes; you will have peace of mind that Iron Mountain will protect your confidential information.
Iron Mountain have multiple secure vaults throughout Australia which are located in low risk flood, fire and earthquake areas however are still conveniently located near metro regions allowing rapid recovery.
Your data is available on request 365 days of the year. We offer a 24/7 on-demand emergency response. Within major metropolitan areas we can deliver your back-up within 60 minutes.
Utilising best practise and industry expertise, Iron Mountain consultants will work with you to develop a tailored data protection and recovery plan across multiple locations throughout Australia, taking into consideration a range of disaster scenarios which could impact your organisation.