Need same-day scanning of new documents or bulk-scanning of archived files? Our document scanning services help you transition to a digital workplace and future-proof your business. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of organisations through the process of converting paper-based documents to digital files through our local processing centres.

Our document scanning services allow you to integrate all the documents in your organisation into one secure, streamlined system. Whether you need to convert your hard-copy files, financial records, legal documents or other important information – our bulk scanning service allows you to maintain compliance and improve turnaround times so you can spend more time on core business activities.

After your documents are scanned, Iron Mountain will securely store your information within our local facilities. Have no use of your files after they are scanned? Iron Mountain provides an end-to-end solution with our document shredding service.

  • Bulk and on-demand scanning
  • Access documents anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Secure storage and fast retrieval of your documents
  • Best practice for security, access and compliance
  • Medical records scanning
  • Legal document scanning
  • Microfiche scanning

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