We help hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organisations improve patient care and maintain work health and safety, by providing world-class medical records storage in secure local facilities.

As clinical management and compliance grows in the healthcare industry, the amount of information you’re required to keep will continue to rise. Let Iron Mountain provide you with total life cycle Information management for your clinical medical records and business information.

From single-page medical records to medical files and personnel data, secure, fire-protected offsite storage is critical to building a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers.

We can store and manage a broad range of medical information from clinical records to coding and culling services, document imaging and secure shredding. Let Iron Mountain help meet your compliance needs.

As Health Information Professionals, you can leverage proven processes to scan your physical records, store in our state-of-the-art national facilities and maintain easy retrieval and access of the files when you need it.

  • Secure medical records storage
  • Medical records scanning
  • File Room culling services
  • Store, backup, retrieve and destroy documents
  • Ensure compliance across all facilities
  • Maximise IT and clinical resources

Looking for an end-to-end document storage solution? Contact us today.