Iron Mountain’s secure document shredding services allow you to destroy sensitive business information quickly and efficiently, so you can reduce risk and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations.

Once information in your organisation has come to the end of its lifecycle, it’s important to securely destroy the documents, so they don’t find their way into the wrong hands. If competitors, the media or the public get hold of your business information, you risk breaching compliance regulations and privacy laws, losing sales and irreversibly damaging the reputation of your business.

Our local facilities destroy a variety of paper-based information including financial, legal, medical documents and other important information. Iron Mountain also destroys hard drives, uniforms, tapes, laptops and other forms of media.

We have robust chain of custody and secure document destruction processes, to help you protect sensitive business information and maintain compliance.

  • One-off or regular document shredding
  • Secure document shredding
  • Robust chain of custody processes
  • Paper and Media destruction
  • Compliance with privacy and security legislation
  • Tailored solutions for your organisation
  • Local and Regional shredding services


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